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    Here you'll find a photographer of the newspaper sort who came to find that she enjoys working for self and the inspiring families who hire her instead.

    Most importantly, she's the mother to three girls, ages 6, 8, and one newly born. They are her muses and strength.

    This journal catalogs the lovely things of good report in her life and theirs in addition to pretty, well designed notions, and commissioned work centered around the lives of children.

Personal: Three Girls

breckenridge child photographer
breckenridge child photography
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denver child photography
It’s been nine months since I last posted here. That was about the time pregnant life took a turn for the miserables and our family set in to survival mode. We are finally seeing sunshiny days again, no sleep, but that was a given. It’s got me excited and I’m ready to jump start our new normal. This kind of happy for me includes taking on photography clients again and hopefully working out a semi-consistent blogging schedule too.

I plan on blogging our birth story this week. For now let me introduce our new little one with some quick portraits we took while vacationing with extended family in Breckenridge this summer. By quick portraits I mean no one was happy about doing them except me—surprise, surprise—so we had to act fast. Who wants to take pictures in dresses when there are cousins and a hot tub nearby? We ended up taking two trips that day to this location to give it another chance. Notice Ruthie’s hair switcheroo?

Elodie Florence

Yes, that’s right, a GIRL! She seems to have a thing for surprises and unpredictability.

Born the end of May, three weeks early. Weighing 6 lbs., 11 oz. and stretching 19 and a quarter inches.

Many nicknames are being tested for a good fit. Here on the blog she will probably be our little Ellie to go along with our Ruthie and Janie.