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    Here you'll find a photographer of the newspaper sort who came to find she enjoys working for self and the inspiring families who hire her instead.

    Most importantly, she's the mother to two girls, the inseparable kind of sisters, ages 4 and 7. They are her muses and strength.

    This journal catalogs the lovely things of good report in her life and theirs in addition to pretty, well designed notions, and commissioned work centered around the lives of children.

Local: Land of Nod Pop Up Shop Denver


Monday night we hurried around after school getting Ruthie a haircut, picking out dresses that all girls in the house could agree on for the 8th annual Santa picture, and grabbing a fast dinner at home—dresses back off—I know my girls and spills and we weren’t going through the picking drama again. Rushing around all so that we could get to Cherry Creek Mall before Santa’s 6:00 break! I promised a trip to Land of Nod‘s pop up shop  for the girls if they would smile nicely for the photo and please, oh please, not wig out at the sight of Santa. Every family seems to have one of these kids bless their heart, but you know what? She did great this year! Thank you, Nod.

The girls loved the pop up. Playing and examining the toys was exciting for them after seeing, marking and dreaming about what they wanted via the catalogue this fall. I love how paired down and well selected the toys are at Nod. I’m not a fan of plastic or loud, battery operated toys. What parent is truly? We’ve got our fair share of Barbies, My Little Ponies and the like, but if I can help it I like to guide them to alternative options. And I love that Land of Nod collaborates with artisans and small businesses. Have you seen their stuffed animal and doll collection? Swoon.

Land of Nod “toy shops” are all over the country currently, but will close soon after Christmas. Look their locations up on the Land of Nod website and if ones near you don’t hesitate to get down there. It’s worth it! If you’re local or passing through Denver this month the shop is at Cherry Creek Mall on the top floor. I suggest parking in the south parking garage, like 3cish I think, and once in the doors head to the right.

This post is supported by Land of Nod. In exchange for getting the word out and photographing the pop up shops opening day I received a gift certificate. All opinions are my own.



land of nod wish list

1/Shrinky Dink Charms and Trinkets 2/Cottage Dollhouse 3/Hello Doll 4/Top Secret Spy Kit 5/Into the Wild Wearable Peacock 6/Kaboom Boxing Gloves(not on site) 7/Spec-tacular Spectacles 8/Wee Wonderfuls Doll 9/Blended Tutu 10/Wood String Beads Set

Graphic design by Kirsten Bingham

Personal: Two + One


Oh, boy! Life has been upended the past couple of months and I’m just now getting to where I feel well enough and caught up enough on work to make a wee little announcement. Our girly little clan is adding a boy to the mix this June!

I’ve been all day sick this go around and it threw me for a loop. With the first I had morning sickness, the second time sea bands kept it all away, but this little boy will have none of that. All day all the way! There’s been a big turn around the past few days at 12/13 weeks now and I have high hopes that it will keep getting better.

The girls found out right before Thanksgiving. I had all sorts of fun ideas to announce it to them, but the Saturday we had planned to tell them I was too under the weather to do much at all. Simple is best anyway, right? Luckily the night before I bought a cake—an amazing cake at that. It’s dubbed chocolate decadence from Whole Foods if you have a hankering. I started gathering—curious girls at my heels—and then at some point between bathroom “breaks” began delegating the gathering of five candles, sparkling peach apple cider, ice cream, and our fancy plates.

The five candles were a lead in to the announcement. I didn’t think it would work, but Ruthie caught on quick on maybe her second guess. Each girl went through a flood of emotions in a few short seconds. It was just the best.

The girls couldn’t shake their excitement, so very excited for days. Giddy and wishful all weekend with baby names and calling dibbs on things such as putting it to bed, and making or donating peace offerings to the baby. Diaper duty has yet to be claimed even if a fierce game of ‘not it’ was played. There has been roll playing of mama’s and babies, and a very accurate reenactments of the ultrasound appointment to my squeamishness. Let’s just say I wasn’t expecting THAT kind of ultrasound or I wouldn’t have brought my kids.

Oh, but we are all just so excited! I was too sick at first to be any sort of excited. It’s also typical of me to keep my excitement reserved to an extent until my babies are here, but after seeing their joy and seeing the little one kicking and punching in there I can’t help but be happy. We’re having a baby!!

baby announce siblings
baby announce siblings
baby announce siblings
baby announce siblings

December 4, 2013 - 4:42 pm

Sarah Burgoyne - Congratulations! It’s the season for boys. We are expecting one in May :) When the holidays are over lets have lunch. It will give us something to look forward to in January :)

December 4, 2013 - 9:22 pm

Melanie - This is so great. You couldn’t get a more enthusiastic response.

December 5, 2013 - 10:43 pm

Jessica Downs - They look so happy. What a sweet way to announce. So happy for the baby boy to come.